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Bluetooth enabled 20V MAX* batteries & Tool Connect system

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How it Works.

Introducing DEWALT Tool Connect mobile app. Our smart solution to receive alerts about, connect with and control your Bluetooth® enabled DEWALT 20V MAX* batteries when paired with a compatible smart-phone or tablet. Once connected and within the Bluetooth range, you can use the app to identify, enable/disable, and check your battery’s diagnostics. Download App

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More Control Over Your Battery.

Remotely monitor state of charge, enable or disable your battery packs. If you lend a battery pack, you can even control how long the pack can be used.

Real-time Battery Diagnostics.

Diagnostics on the Tool Connect app allow you to determine if your battery is too cold or too hot to operate properly. It can also alert you when the battery is finished charging, or in need of charging.

Custom Notifications and Alerts.

If you lend your battery, the app’s lend feature will allow you to set the battery to disable itself after a predetermined time frame rendering the battery useless until it’s returned. You can also create a “virtual fence” for your batteries at the jobsite.

Connected Features.

Last Seen Location Finder.

Quickly track your battery and tool with Tool Connect’s new Last Seen mapping feature. Last Seen allows you to pull up the address where your device was last located. Map, Hybrid or Satellite views available.

Charge Status.

Remotely check your battery’s state of charge and its current temperature.

Virtual Fence.

Create a “virtual fence” for your batteries at the job site. The app can issue an alert and even disable one of your batteries if it exceeds the Bluetooth range of your smart device.

Remote Enable/Disable.

The ability to enable or disable the battery at any time while you are within the Bluetooth range may act as a deterrent for unauthorized battery usage.

Identify Battery.

Easily identify a battery, visually, by flashing the battery’s built in identity light.

Lend Battery.

The Lend feature will allow you to set the battery to disable itself after a predetermined time frame rendering the battery useless until it’s returned.


Alerts notify you when your battery is in need of charging, or if one of your batteries exceeds the Bluetooth® range of your smart device.

Get Connected.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know if my smart device is compatible with Tool Connect?

DEWALT Bluetooth® battery packs are capable of connecting with mobile devices that support Bluetooth® Smart (or Bluetooth® 4.0) technology using the DEWALT Tool Connect application. DEWALT Tool Connect is an application for your smart device (such as a smart phone or tablet) and is compatible with most popular devices. To see if your mobile device is compatible visit your app store.

How do I know if my battery can be used with Tool Connect?

Tool Connect requires Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) also known as Bluetooth Smart inside the product. DEWALT products enabled with this feature include: North America: 20V Max* Battery Packs DCB204BT and DCB203BT Europe and Australia: 18V Battery Packs DCB183B and DCB184B.

Do I need an internet connection to use Tool Connect?

An internet or cellular data connection is required to complete the initial user registration process. Tool Connect will periodically back up your My Tools list to the cloud. This also requires a brief internet or cellular data connection. You will not need to monitor or manually perform this process.

Can more than one person have access to Tool Connect?

Yes. Multiple people can share a Tool Connect account and login to multiple smart devices to access a single My Tools list. However, only one person can control and interact with a product at one time.

What if I forget my smart device or get a new smart device?

If you get a new smart device or borrow someone else’s smart device, you can download the Tool Connect app and login. After logging in, go to Settings and then select Download My Tools List to access your batteries.

What type of alerts and notifications are available in Tool Connect?

The following alerts are available in Tool Connect:

  • Alert of Out of Range
  • Disable if Out of Range
  • Alert Near Discharge
  • Alert at High Temperature
  • Alert at Full Charge

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